01-thesportbar  The Sport has tons of cool stuff, including this Pele' signed soccer ball - Go Cosmos!!! 01-theneedlefromthesportbar  Seattle's famous space needle as seen at night from in front of Seattle's finest sports pub, The Sport Restaurant & Bar 02-loren-jeff  Jack is Loren is Seattle's finest architect and ultimate player! 03-rainierfrompikes  Looking towards Rainier from Pike's Market
04-pikessquid  The Squid of Pike's Market 05-pikesfish  The fish on ice, look out when they start huckin them around! 06-pikesmonkfish  Monk Fish Face! 07-museumcollage  The Seattle Science and Science Fiction Museums
08-kenatneedle  Ken is checking out Rainier from the Needle (or is ne still looking for a good gift for Gabe?) 09-jeff-n-kenatneedle  Jeff and Ken in the reflection of the Sound on the Needle at Sunset in Seattle (10x fast) 09-rainierneedle  Rainier in the distance, behind Seattle, from the Needle 09-rainierneedle2  Rainier in the distance, behind Seattle, from the Needle, as the sun sets
10-soundsunset  The sound at sunset, from the Needle 11-cascadesunset  The Olympics at sunset (from the Needle!)