Jeff's Special Pics and Images

ButterflySunflower1-c jpollak IMGP5408 CranesBigBubble IMGP3680
TheSteelYardPour2015-1 TheSteelYardPour2015-5 TheSteelYardPour2015-7 catapillar-2
catapillar-1 BacklitFlowers BacklitFlower Iris
CrazyFlower3 CrazyFlower2 HummingBee FlowerPower
IMGP0831c DavidPondSunset DragonGringots WoodyandtheFrog
BacklitMilkWeedPod RainbowOverHome Boris-3 Boris-1
Chappy2014 StandingDriftwood-Wasque SD14 SweetDreamIIIPerfectSunrise FlowersWetonBlack 08-03-14 FlowerBurst 08-03-14
FlowersOnFire 08-03-14 sun-n-trees 05-06-14 WintersWeeds Feb2014 crystalmess2 12-17-13
crystalmess 12-17-13 iceygargoyle 12-15-13 DSC04441 PeachLilyWet 07-21-13
PhloxDrops 07-21013 NorthernCrescent 07-21-13 JapaneseBeetle 07-21-13 DSC09034a
DSC08965 yellow-n-orange SunShowerFlowers Iris You Were Here
DSC04610 snowplant4 snowplant3 snakeeyes
eagle1 eagle2 icescapes3 snowplant2
snowplant1 icescapes2 icescapes1 NewportSunset
Buoys2 Buoys1 Jeff Likes Standing Deadwood...alot  Zion National Park Skoooooonze  Skoonze is... The Monashees Mad Man
Copola in the Cold  Whether Vain intrinsix calendar-sept03 gayhead mv-pollak  The Lighthouse at Gayhead intrinsix calendar-oct-lake in mass-pollak  Reflections on a Lake intrinsix calendar-mar03-april fools storm-pollak  Snowplow Zips by During April Fools Day Blizzard
intrinsix calendar-july-pratt pond-pollak  Sunrise Over A Foggy Pratt Pond intrinsix calendar-feb03-upton antique-pollak  Snow and Farming Equipment intrinsix calendar-august-westboro fair-pollak  Summer Fair in Westboro spain  Spain is amazing...
Wet In Wayland  "Wet in Wayland" Sunset in Upton  Experimenting with flash during very cool sunset lunker-is-biggerered  It was a big fish (6.5lbs, 21 inches) even before I photoshopped it! lemurs  Ring Tail Lemurs, shot through chicken wire gave it a odd texture...
Lake Lay Out  Mikey goes "ho" at Mirror Lake, Devens, MA Ethan in Hay  Ethan at 2 in the hay