DSC05877  Birthday Fashionista DSC05885  Naom'easter of 2011 aka The Halloween Storm DSC05891  Most of those trees did not make it... DSC05931
DSC05963  What the heck is that thing?!?! DSC05965  The Dock Dance DSC05971  what a great looking couple! DSC06003  The Annual Thanksgiving Piggy Back Rides
DSC06021  Jo DSC06024  'omi DSC06027  The girls! DSC06029
DSC06034  We give thanks...for books! DSC06036  The frosting vultures DSC06087  The kids surrounded by art... DSC06097  The top of the rock
DSC06147  We'll cross that bridge when we... nevermind, we're crossing it now. DSC06157  trail harmonica DSC06159  Survivor Guy DSC06166  Chanukah this year included extended family, Millie and Peter here with Janet and Dina
DSC06167  Cookie Monsters DSC06168  "Umm, can I get one of those NOW before anyone else sees them?!" DSC06169  Silly people, silly games DSC06170  I am a hammer, packing heat
DSC06171  I am ketchup, eating ice cream DSC06172  I am Carnac DSC06173  Justin the Dragon DSC06174  I...I am an Igloo!